Empowered Puppy Program | Puppy Training Based on Scientific Research
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The Empowered Puppy Program™ is your resource for all things puppy! With over 5 years of research on hundreds of puppies, we know what works when it comes to raising your puppy to become the family pet, companion, and working partner you envision.


Each facet of the program is designed to lay the foundation for a dog that is well rounded, content, and able to make good choices. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all training. By learning to shape temperament from an early age, you will be able to more effectively educate your puppy, which equals more success and less frustration for owners, breeders, and trainers alike. When we teach our puppies from their perspective, we’re able to better understand what they need and how to present things in a way they comprehend best.

Our one of a kind training program walks breeders and trainers through the first 12 weeks of puppyhood step-by-step. We teach you how to use early puppy education to give any breed or mix a leg up in life. From obedience to socialization- we’ve got you covered.


The Empowered Puppy School offers an online puppy class for new and veteran pup-parents who want to give their new addition a great start in life. We take you through crate and potty training, shaping temperament, obedience, and socialization- all in easy to follow lessons that take the guess work out of puppyhood. By using our ‘lifestyle’ training methods, puppies learn to operate and understand how to live in your world easily and painlessly.


Want to understand your puppy’s temperament better or give your litter an edge when it comes to placing them? Check out our Puppy Personality Assessment! Breeders, you can know by 21 days the personality types in your litter! Puppy parents, by completing a simple test over the course of 12 days you will have greater insight into what your puppy needs and wants!


Looking for more ways to up your training game and stimulate puppy minds? Well, we’ve got tools for that too! Use your dog’s nose to help them learn with our Training Scent Kit! Teach your puppy how to read, imitate your actions, and even do ‘puppy yoga’ with our Cognition and Fitness Kit!


We’re passionate about puppies and are constantly learning, researching, and developing new methods and ideas to make this formative and important time in your dog’s life the best it can be.