Empowered Puppy Program | Puppy Training Based on Scientific Research
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New Online Puppy School!


In the United States there are countless numbers of dogs in rescues and shelters.  In 2012 23.3% of Americans purchased a dog from a breeder or pet store and 84.7% had adopted a dog from a rescue or shelter.  In 2015 the numbers had changed to 38% from a breeder or pet store, and 37% had a adopted a dog from a rescue or shelter.  That is a huge drop in adoptions.  With the staggering amount of dogs in shelters and rescues, they are now turning it into a business.   Through unique marketing they are trying to change public opinion of shelter and rescue dogs.  From an article dated January 1, 2015  Patti Strand, director of the National Animal Interest Alliance, an organization that represents the American Kennel Club and dog breeders, calls it “retail rescue.”  “There is a lot of money in this new kind of rescue that has emerged,” she says. “These groups move dogs from just about any place that they can get them.”


As a society we are being asked to “adopt not shop.”  This is a two faced coin for many.  With 20% of shelter dogs being returned, and behavior issues a large reason for surrenders, many families are turning to breeders for their family pet.  Yet, 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred dogs.  Is this not just a vicious cycle that we are really doing nothing about?  We learned as trainers to always address the root of the problem in our efforts in training a dog.  Why are we not addressing the root of the problem that will enable us to change these dramatic numbers?  The key must be education.  We must learn how to change these statistics and make a difference.  We must put a dent in this never ending cycle.  We must find how to understand and communicate with our pets in our world.  Therefore we have created a way to make a difference.  We have created a program based on SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.  Through education we will change the statistics.  We will research together, and do our best to put a curve into this vicious cycle.  With this we are proud to present to you the Empowered Puppy Program!