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Hi Kim,
Its Danny Daniel, Megan Daniel’ father that bought Mia (now Stella) from you back in February.Megan has been busy with school so wasn’t sure if she has updated you much.


Stella and her have bonded incredibly well and she is coming along nicely.
We have Megan and Stella teamed up with an excellent service dog trainer here in Dallas.  The trainer is really well qualified and teaching Megan and Stella task commands along with all the basic obedience stuff.  Stella has already received her CGC and now working on her public access. The trainer stated this is typically done at 18 months but with Stella she will likely test out at 12-14 months.


I wanted to pass along the comments from the trainer who has worked with many dogs over the years. She is constantly amazed at Stella and the work that was put into her before Megan every got her. She said she is a very rare dog with exceptional focus and intelligence. Basically your efforts from birth to when we got her have made a significant difference in her ability to be a service dog.  The trainer has also asked for your information for future reference as she is so impressed with you.


Anyway, the two are doing really well and she fits the family like a glove. Megan is leaving Friday (with Stella of course) out to Texas Tech in Lubbock where they will continue her training.  I wanted to thank you for the work you put into these dogs. It was a lot of money for us and on the surface was hard to understand how a dog could cost so much.. Now we understand and see the incredible difference.


All the best

Boy's best friend!

Hi Kim,

I just wanted you to know that Wheezy did a butt spin “like me” for me yesterday!  And she is now doing moving “wait”.  So I make her wait, walk away, call her to me and ask for a wait halfway there.  She did it after only two tries!  And she got “drop” right away.  On a recall, ask her for “drop” and she must immediately go to down.  She is so smart!  She amazes me… what a joy to train this dog!

~ Michele Blanchard, MD


My grandson asked if Sydney was trained to love kids so much!  They have a very special bond.  I have to say this dog is something. At 8 mos she is just so content to stay with me every morning when I’m getting ready. She is not like any other dog I’ve ever had at this age. Your doing amazing things !!!

~Phyllis Mikolaj
Director of Schools
Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs

Louise White Labrador Retriever
Happy Gus!

Hi Kim,

At a lean 110 pounds Luke must be the biggest lab ever!  And as you can see he is so handsome.  He is as gentle as he can be with me and we gets scads of fresh air. His favorite things is the walk and with me on wheels we can walk a dogs pace at 8-9 miles an hour.  Last year we logged 220o miles about 40 minutes a day on average.  Anyway let me suggest the best most fun way to walk a dog is while riding a recumbent trike.  Hope all is well with you from your posts I see that your dog heaven is more heavenly than ever.  Thanks always for my mighty good boy, my Luke.





I feel your program is very effective. Not just teaching the pups specific commands, but preparing them for life with humans. At 8 mos. Gus is far more well mannered than our last lab was at 6 years. He also is a fast learner and picks up on what we want him to do, and not do, quickly.


He is allowed on certain pieces of furniture and responds very well to the “up” and “off” commands. He presents his left and right paws when requested, waits politely for his dinner and continues to improve with his walking and heel. He will retrieve objects and return to the thrower. While being a calm dog, he’s still a playful and fun to be around puppy. As our fourth lab, he is the only one who intently watches and responds to TV.

Thank you!

Diane & Gus