Empowered Puppy Program | Cognition and Fitness DVD
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Teaching How To Read!

Teaching “Like Me”

Learning How to Match!

Harvey Reading!

Exercise your puppy’s mind and body the Empowered Puppy way!


Is your puppy full of energy even after a walk? Are they a ‘problem solver’ who thinks their way through and around obstacles?


Does your dog have an almost laser focus on everything you do?


Challenge them with our brain stimulating cognitive games and activities. We walk you through each step of teaching your puppy fun concepts like matching, object recognition, and imitation.  You will be amazed as your puppy begins to match objects and pictures, indicate what item you asked for, and even copy your actions!


Use our puppy yoga exercises to safely build your puppy’s muscle tone and proprioception. With just 4 moves improve body strength and stability all while creating awareness of limb location and movement- a key factor in injury prevention. Learn how to incorporate water into your pup’s fitness routine and even help prevent car sickness.!


Giving your puppy the opportunity to expend his or her mental energy is extremely beneficial to their overall well being and is many times more exhausting than physical activity that can have harmful repercussions.


Your kit includes an instructional DVD along with the training tools you will need to teach your puppy.  With the Empowered Puppy Cognition and Fitness DVD you will strengthen the bond between yourself and your puppy, discover new ways to communicate, and raise a pup who understands how to make good choices. And of course, it’s FUN!


What you will learn on this DVD is three very different learning concepts for a puppy.  Remember all puppies learn at different rates and different items.  Your puppy may understand all of the concepts, or they may only understand one.  Not all puppies will be able to do the matching, not all the yoga, and not all the like me.  You will find your puppy is an individual and this DVD will help you determine what and how your puppy will learn these tasks.