Empowered Puppy Program | Empowered Puppy Project
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Help us change the world!  For the past 4 years we have been researching puppies.  We have determined that we can determine a puppy’s learning, focus and social capabilities, by exposing them to specific scents.    Our research has focused on new puppies, and puppies prior to 12 weeks old.  We want to know if it will work on older puppies and dogs.


If we found out that it did think of what an impact that would have on area rescues and shelters.  We could know how to match the perfect pet with the perfect family.  This would cut down on all the dogs that are returned because they just could not get along.  We would know how to teach our dog based upon its personality instead of a one size fits all.


We really can make a difference, please help.  Test you dog with the scents that were passed along to you.   Run the test for 12 consecutive days, and make sure that your dog is as calm as can be in order to receive the true results.  Once you have compiled your results, return to the site and visit the enter your results page.  We also have a few questions for you about your dogs personality for you to answer.   This will help us group results with actions.  We can determine once enough have reported, if it truly works on older dogs.  We are so hoping it does!


Thank you for all your help, we truly appreciate it!