Empowered Puppy Program | Learn About The Test
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Let Us Teach You How To Train To Your Puppies Personality!

Dogs have their own unique personality and individual way of learning. Just like people some dogs learn by observation, others learn by demonstrative actions, and many learn by imitation. Which prompts the question: how do we determine the best way to teach a dog on that unique and individual level?


We have devoted countless hours into a study of how puppies learn, how best to teach them, and what is the most positive effective method for a happy and healthy puppy. Research has proven we can determine a puppies learning, focus, and socialiation capabilites all with the use of various scents. For the past four years we have scent tested over 250 puppies and then compared results to find the common factors. Over and over and at a rate of 88% we were correct on the puppies capabilites, all determined by scent.


We are excited to now share this information with all new puppy owners and breeders! By making this information available to you, we can work together to make a difference in the cirlce of dogs being surrendered to rescues and shelters due to obedience and behavior issues. When we arm ourselves with crucial information about our pup’s personality and learning style we are better able to understand and train our furry family members. Many times obedience issues are the cause of a dog losing their forever home. Statistics are heartbreaking and we now can make a difference.

Would You Like To Make A Difference?  Read About The