Empowered Puppy Program | Training Scents
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The most under used training tool we can use with our pet dogs, is the power of their nose.  Working dogs use it all the time, and have proven amazing feats.


Use your dog’s nose to improve training success by integrating these two proven scents into your routine. Simply wet a cotton ball, place it in one of the tins, and add a drop of oil, have your dog sniff and voila: you’ve just increased their ability to focus with a clear mind and retain what they are learning.


Peppermint is known as an invigorating scent. It helps to clear the mind and sharpens one’s ability to focus on the immediate. This is a great scent to use when you need your dog’s full attention or when you’re going to be in a distracting area. We like to use this scent when teaching the ‘like me’ concept, as it requires the puppy’s focus to be quite strong.


As a stimulating scent, rosemary allows our dogs to focus, pay close attention and most importantly remember what they are learning! Use it before and during training and especially when working on a new behavior. Over the course of several uses, you will find your dog responds to the scent with an ‘okay, it’s time to train’ attitude.


Make training fun and successful by using Empowered Puppy Training Scents!